After Show Report: Lounges 2020

Exyte Technology presented three different product sections to an expert audience at the LOUNGES trade show in Karlsruhe, Germany from January 28 through 30, 2020. Attendees were able to gain an insight into the compe-tencies of Exyte Technology and its newly developed technological solutions at the company’s stand. A sheet of plexiglass allowed visitors a look inside one of the optimized PIFF filter fans. This was greeted with great interest and so was the new DnC control system software. This has been developed specifically for easy control and visualization of systems consisting of up to 126 filter fan units. The media tower with four display screens was also on show, giving attendees an overview of the entire range of Exyte Technology solutions. The double floors are integrated into the tower in the form of drawers, and a magnetic plate allows the top panels to be arranged in a variety of ways.

The presentations given by Exyte Technology and Exyte Central Europe were also very popular. They covered a diverse range of issues, ranging from “Highspeed H2O2 reduction” and “Sensitive Production Processes” to “Flexible Production in Medicine” and “Digital Transformation”.

We are delighted with the large number of promising inquiries we received, constructive conversations we had, and the many new national and international contacts we made. All in all, we can look back on a very successful Lounges 2020 show, and would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed creative ideas and worked hard to make this trade show such a success.

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Head of Marketing

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