ESTECH 2019: Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)

Wolfgang Eissler, Innovation Manager at Exyte Technology, gave a presentation on "Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) – an emerging contamination risk for semiconductor manufacturing" at ESTECH 2019 and its implications for the semiconductor industry and research. ESTECH in Las Vegas, USA, is the premier US Contamination Control Conference. The approximately 50 listeners showed keen interest and asked many questions. In addition, these and previous presentations resulted in participation in a new working group "Recommended Practices EMI" of the IEST.

Magnetic fields are well known as a potential source of disturbance for sensitive electron-optical process tools for many years. Until recently, these effects were mainly limited to research applications or small laboratory areas in semiconductor fabs analyzing leading edge process technologies. However, due to the increasing levels of power demand for process tools and facility systems in combination with decreasing structures and the widespread applications of electron optical processes in metrology tools, EMI (Electron-Magnetic Interference) limits have started to more strongly influence wafer fab and process tool design.

In his presentation the specialist informed about the impacts and damages of magnetic fields, addresses the latest requirements of process technology, process tools and ITRS, presents the results of an EMI sensitivity analysis of existing semiconductor fabs, informs the audience about the relevant sources of magnetic fields in high-tech fabs and outlines measures and procedures to control these fields.


  • EMI requirements of semiconductor process and process tools have already increased and will further increase
  • Energy demand of future EUV technology will double energy demand of semiconductor fab and therefore raise pollution of semiconductor fab with magnetic fields.  
  • Impacts of magnetic fields on semiconductor processing (electron optical processes) is recognized from leading manufacturer of microchips and process tools and ITRS roadmap 
  • Fulfilment of EMI requirements will be one of the key requirements of future Fab design 
  • Holistic approach necessary to fulfil future EMI specification

Consideration of EMI requirements at a very early planning stage of Fab and tool design is key.

Since 30 years Wolfgang Eissler is involved mainly in semiconductor or research industry and supports our clients to ensure stable and contamination free production environments. Since the last five years his focal points was to develop magnetic and acoustic shielding chambers and to minimize magnetic emissions in high-tech fabs. 

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Wolfgang Eißler
Innovation Manager

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