Innovative Solutions for Air Circulation in Cleanrooms

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May 17, 2018

Tobias Resch speaking at the Cleanroom Technology Conference Birmingham/UK

M+W Products customers want smart products that make their lives easier and safe costs. With the patented Plenum Integrated Filter Fan Unit – PIFF – this is exactly what M+W Products offers. During the Cleanroom Technology Conference on May 16 and 17, 2018 Tobias Resch, Sales Engineer at M+W Products talked about the benefits of our Plenum Integrated Filter Fan Units.

PIFF is a modular, decentralized concept for creating cleanroom environments, offering advantages of cost, efficiency and deployment in comparison with conventional ventilation systems. It is suitable for use in the electronics industry but really comes into its own in pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

A crucial aspect of any cleanroom is air circulation: In order to draw the filtered air into the room and extract it again, most cleanrooms have central ventilation systems with long, angled conduits. As well as the high cost of installation, the biggest disadvantage of these is the enormous loss of pressure via the long conduits, which means a large amount of energy is needed. Energy costs in turn are a critical factor in the production process.


Up to 50% lower Energy Costs

With the PIFF, M+W Products customers don’t need long conduits for air circulation since the PIFF ventilates the clean air after filtration in the cleanroom and recirculates the air directly again. And the PIFF saves money: From simplified planning to easier installation to significantly lower energy consumption during operation, the system considerably reduces costs.

Furthermore, the modules take up little space in the sub-ceiling, are easy to monitor and can be retrofitted with ease, even in existing spaces, to achieve a higher cleanroom category. The air volume can be individually adjusted, and the air exchange rate is derived from the cleanroom class required. Plus, if one of the devices fails, it does not affect the entire cleanroom but rather is limited to one area and the self-contained modules can be quickly replaced.


About Cleanroom Technology Conference

The Cleanroom Technology Conference highlights best practice and regulations affecting both cleanroom operation across various sectors for those working in controlled environments and cleanrooms. Topics include Regulations & Standards (ISO 14644 & ISO 14698), Microbiology, Containment, Operation and Validation, Consumables, Clothing & PPE, Cleanroom Design, Safe Utility Usage.