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Excelling at the extra in cleanroom products and controlled environments

Exyte Technology is the recognized leader in clean-room technology for modern factories and application-specific development and production environments.
We are a one-stop-shop specialist for contamination control products used in cleanroom manufacturing facilities. We offer a complete portfolio of standard and advanced Cleanroom Products and AMC Filters for a variety of advanced electronics products and other cleanroom manufacturing processes.
Backed by our problem-specific analysis and consulting, these solutions are available for pick-and-place orders or as a complete solution for general contractors and fab managers.

General contractors who plan, design and build cleanroom manufacturing facilities rely on us for:

  • Plug-and-play implementation and scalability
  • Value-enhanced products for high-volume manufacturing
  • Zero-defect product quality
  • On-time delivery

Advanced Technology Facilities Markets


Flat Panel Display



Controlled Environments

Outstanding product quality through precise climate control

The most demanding and critical manufacturing processes such as surface treatment in the semiconductor industry, nanotechnology or the production of optical storage media often require a precise climate, coupled with an ultra high pure manufacturing environment.


Modular solutions enable flexible and targeted response to individual customer needs. We offer scalable systems that can be configured according to each specific requirement. Such modular design is implemented in our MEC System (Modular Environmental Chamber) through the combination of individual modules assembled together.

 Products for Critical Subsystems

The Atmosphere of Trust from one source: Exyte Technology

Most sophisticated Product Solutions

Our expertise and culture of building long-term customer partnerships give us in-depth understanding of today’s demands and the requirements of next-generation technologies.

Protecting your Products, Employees and Processes

Exyte Technology is one of the leading company in clean-room technology for modern factories and application-specific development and production environments. Our innovative technologies and outstanding solutions make it possible to meet the requirements of our customers and implement complex turnkey solutions with the best possible products.

From components to complete solutions

Filter Fan Unit RETURN AIR

Particularly suitable in the field of electronics, microelectronics and high-tech industries for:

  • Turbulent clean rooms with a maximum filter cover of 50%
  • Large clean room areas
  • Air pollution classes 5 – 8 according to ISO 14644-1

Filter Fan Unit COMPACT with air cooler

For local removal of heat loads, the FFU can optionally be equipped with an air cooler on the fan inlet. Therefore, the supply air of the clean room can be cooled. Generally, the cooler will run with a feed temperature of about 14° C or higher.

Filter Fan Unit SILENT

  • Optimized regarding sound power level and airflow
  • Uni-directional airflow (laminar) cleanroom areas
  • Advanced requirements on the uniformity of the uni-directional airflow
  • Advanced sound pressure level requirements in the room

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Control Systems and Monitoring

From simple solutions such as a speed controller for a single filter fan unit via a “closed loop regulation” through to complex controlling and monitoring systems for a large cleanroom, Exyte Technology offers a wide range of products and services for operating cleanroom components and facilities.

Besides hardware like manual speed controllers and premanufactured power supply and bus-cabling systems for filter fan units, we also provide control and monitoring systems, including all hardware and software required to monitor the cleanroom conditions such as air humidity and temperature as well as the overall air handling technology from a monitoring desk.

Customized software applications allow online visualization and monitoring of the operating state of cleanroom facilities through a graphical user interface.

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Air showers minimize the transfer of dust particles on cleanroom clothing into clean-rooms. Our tunnel air showers can be used for applications where there is a high volume of personnel traffic or can even be used for the de-dusting of equipment or goods which are to be taken into the cleanroom. These air showers offer a high cleaning effect and are designed for use with all cleanroom classes.

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All parts of our ceilings are designed to match one another and all built-in components fit perfectly together. Total modularity means we meet all of our clients needs:

  • Vertical and horizontal bulkheads
  • Walkable and non-walkable
  • Crosspoint systems
  • T-bar systems
  • Coffered systems
  • Heavy-duty ceiling (suitable for transport systems)

Sprinklers & Accessories

  • Recessed sprinkler systems integrated into ceiling grid system
  • Flexible hose pipe
  • Puridrall Air Outlets for turbulent air stream
  • PVC curtains with smart railing system

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Exyte Technology air handling units are characterized by an energy-efficient design. They include the latest technical features available and are backed by a strong R&D team. Our units have been designed for high tech industries such as electronics. Commonly handling air volumes between

1,000 and 150,000 cm/h they treat air for:

  • Particulate contamination
  • Thermal air treatment
  • Humidification and dehumidification

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We advise and offer a wide range of GMP suitable floor finishes whereby with all we are equally focused on both the process and project needs and on our clients requirements. The possibilities of coating include:

  • PVC or Caoutchouc
  • Ceramic or stone ware
  • Single and double component epoxy coating

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Fully modular solutions including stud and stud less design; a range from 13 mm to 100 mm thickness and up to 6,000 mm height. Options in glass materials. With an unlimited range of accessories our wall system is the perfect solution for your cleanroom requirements.

  • Single and double sided partitions
  • (stainless) sheet steel infillings
  • Powder coated surfaces
  • Wide RAL / NCS colour range
  • Swinging and sliding doors
  • Material pass throughs

Luminaires and ceilings should always accompany each other. Our lights and ceilings are designed to form one single unit. We meet all demands of modern lighting:

  • LED and conventional Technology
  • VDU workstation suitable
  • Integrated fully flush into the ceiling
  • Surface mounted
  • Customized calculation of Lighting
  • Emergency lamp

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Most sophisticated Product Solutions

Our AMC Filter

A special challenge in Advanced Technology Facilities such as semiconductor manufacturing is the control of AMC’s (Airborne Molecular Contamination) in form of acids, bases, condensables (VOC’s) and dopants. These contaminants can lead to undesired chemical reactions on wafer surfaces and process equipment.