Chemical Filter Testing

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Chemical Filter Technology

Chemical filters are used in a test wide variety of applications for the contamination control of ambient and circulating air. Monitoring and filtration are usually done in the ppb range. The AMC Team of Exyte Technology offers comprehensive service for testing new as well as proofing of chemical filter materials that have to meet the highest quality requirements. The development of filter materials is focused on removal of all kinds of acidic, basic and organic substances.

Frank Hödle
Team Leader AMC Filter

Phone: +49 711 8804-2161

Filter testing

Our AMC Team is equipped with several test rigs and air handling units with precise air conditioning for filter tests:

  • Dosage of various test substances for simulating relevant cleanroom contaminations (e.g. SO2, H2S, NH3, NOX, TMB, ozone and others) can be realized
  • Testing of several filter materials: modified charcoal, ion exchange raisins, modified inorganic adsorbent materials and others
  • Online measurement devices as well as offline sampling (impinger method and adsorbent tubes) are available

The filter testing program provides results about:

  • Advanced sampling procedure to handle higher pressure and flow
  • Determination of removal efficiency
  • Filter capacity
  • Remaining life time test after a time period of using within its life time cycle
  • Filter stability
  • Ability for regeneration
  • Outgassing behavior of filter materials and components
  • Pressure drop measurement