Technology Center

  • Biopharma & Life Sciences
Precision Climate-Control System in testrig

The Exyte Technology Center

includes a total surface of 2,600 square meters at its two locations in Stuttgart and Shanghai. It is equipped with four cleanrooms (ISO class 3-7), a chemical laboratory, an echoic chamber, environmental chambers and different test rigs.

Exyte Technology laboratories are critical in the development of advanced technology. They clearly differentiate us in the market and as life science applications continue to develop we are ready to support our customers globally with next generation innovation and help to validate design and manufacturing requirements to the highest standards.

Holger BrĂ¼ggemann
Head of Technology & Engineering

Phone: +49 711 8804-1018

The Technology Center offers the following services:

  • Test Rigs
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Workshops
  • Development & EngineeringFeasibility Studies
    • Conceptual Design
    • Cost of Ownership Investigations
    • Risk Assessment
    • Construction
  • Approval & Qualification
    • Product Approval
    • System Optimization
    • Factory Acceptance Test
    • Measurements