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We offer several services in analyzing critical parameters and monitoring of ultrapure water systems. To ensure the high quality of analysis the Exyte Technology analysis area is linked to an in-house ultrapure water facility.

Our services in analysis of ultrapure water include:

  • Anions and cations with detection limits in the ppt range
  • Trace metals down to the sub-ppt range
  • TOC determination down to 0.1 ppb
  • Particle measurement down to particle size of 0.05 μm
  • Determination of water resistivity, bacteria and silica loading
  • Conformity evaluation according customer specifications

Rubén López Trigo
Head of Trace Analysis

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Trace Analysis

The process and the product quality can be affected by contaminated rinsing water that contains different organic and inorganic contaminants. By integrating all technologies for water purification, the purity of water is upgraded to an ultra-high level by removing particles, organic and inorganic components as well as gases that are dissolved. The semiconductor industry requires increasingly stringent tolerance limits for contaminants in ultrapure water, especially for critical metals and TOC. This demands a carefully structured, analytical test program for critical parameters like ions, metals, particles, organic compounds and bacteria in order to ensure a high quality of UPW.

Our services include:

  • Test of water quality in a process tool or mini environment for UPW conditioning
  • Testing the water quality in the overall system from point of entry (POE) to point of use (POU)
  • Controlling water quality at several transfer points
  • Pre-qualification of ultrahigh purity (UHP) polymer materials (tubes, hoses, membranes etc.) for UPW distribution systems by static or dynamic leach out tests
  • Validation of ion exchange resins and filter systems used for UPW systems

Leaching Test

Polymer materials and components used in UPW distribution systems are potential sources of contamination that can negatively affect the water quality. For that purpose ultrahigh purity (UHP) polymer materials that are used within the production process have to fulfill precise SEMI standard specifications. Therefore, the pre-qualification of these materials is indispensable before they are used within UPW systems.

The following material testing procedures are provided by us:

  • Static leaching test of tubing, piping, membranes, valves, O-rings according to SEMI F40 in cleanrooms class 5
  • Test conditions 85 ± 5 °C, 7 days (other test conditions can be applied)
  • Analysis of ionic, metallic and organic contamination
  • Determination of particle contamination in a rinse test according to SEMI F104
  • Evaluation of compliance with SEMI F57 contamination specifications
  • Dynamic leaching tests, i.e. continuous flow for classification of UPW through a part or assembly, according to SEMI standards and customer specifications