Flexible Laminar Airflow (LAF) Units

  • Advanced Technology Facilities
  • Biopharma & Life Sciences
LAF Ceiling module
LAF with surrounding partition
LAF with surrounding partition
LAF Ceiling module (view from inside)
Graphical rendering of airflow in LAF unit with curtain

Trusted stand-alone Solutions

Laminar flow solutions are available in various configurations and are designed to offer safe local working areas for a wide range of applications. Equipped with their own air circulation system and appropriate filtration they provide a controlled air stream that serves to protect both the operator and product from contamination. According to specification they can be designed to be free standing or workbench mounted and always providing the operators with comfortable access to equipment and materials, functional access and space to work and of course can be effectively maintained and cleaned to necessary standards.

From basic fume hoods to laminar flow boxes and microbiological safety cabinets Exyte Technology can provide you with a solution that will fit exactly to your needs.

  • From a simple desk tier to a complete work spaces
  • Individual mass and sizes
  • Quiet
  • High Quality

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  • From a simple desk tier to a complete work spaces
  • Individual mass and sizes
  • Quiet
  • High Quality
  • Uncomplicated montage and filterchange

Laminar Air Flow (LAF) Systems provide specific area coverage with constant clean air according to EC Guide (GMP) classification.

Their purpose is to maintain defined conditions according to GMP for the designated process area with higher dynamic pressure compared to surrounding area, thus to prevent microbiological and particulate matter contamination in the product handled under the system.

The highest classification according to GMP is Class ISO 5/Grade A whereby a Unidirectional Air Flow (UDAF) delivers a constant stream of HEPA filter air with defined velocity at particular working height.

  • The solution provides exceptional tightness preventing leakages that can cause contamination. Guaranteed performance and system tightness.
  • Even air flow distribution and far greater effciency in achieving laminar air flow underneath HEPAs. Safe and reliable GMP conditions.
  • Minimal amount of fan sizes are needed and overall design is optimized. Ceiling heights/dimensions etc. Overall design effciency for plant LifeCycle.
  • Robust and secure LAFs are provided made up of standardised components reducing engineering time and costs. Flexible solutions.
  • Possibility for easy integration of measuring systems and aerosol connections etc. as per existing solution delivered. Extended system intelligence.
  • Flexibility for easy upgrading with minimal work. Standardized concept.

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