Speed Controller

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Speed controller

The Speed Controller

is intended for speed control of EC motors with 10V reference output and 0-10V control signal.

The speed is adjusted on the button on the front.

Jonas Becerra Cruz
Team Leader Control Systems

Phone: +49 711 8804

Mobil: +49 173 5172067


Constructive Design

All fans are connected in parallel and receive via RJ45 Pin4 the same 0-10V control signal for speed control.

The status of the fan chain is indicated by two built-in LEDs. The green LED indicates status “OK”. The red LED indicates state of alarm “ERR”, i.e. at least one fan in the group has failed and interrupted the group-alarm loop as a result of this.

If there is no failure in the chain, there will be a “closed loop connection” between RJ45 Pins 7↔8 (external alarm). Once GND signal is applied to terminal 8 / JP45-Pin8, the LEDs will change from red to green indicating no error and the alarm relay is energized at the same time.