Ultra Display

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Ultra Display

The Ultra Display

is used to manage small networks of up to 63 fan units. External sensors (0–20 mA, 4–20 mA, 0–10 V) can be used to regulate the speed of an individual fan unit or groups of up to 63 fan units.

The Ultra Display features outputs required for forwarding error reports. The Ultra Display was designed for integration into a control cabinet door or mounting on the wall. The power (24 V) can also be supplied from the control cabinet.

Alternatively, the device can be mounted directly inside the fan unit or inside a partition. Exyte Technology offers ideal solutions.

Jonas Becerra Cruz
Team Leader Control Systems

Phone: +49 711 8804

Mobil: +49 173 5172067


Technical Data

Performance Parameters
Typ Value
Power supply 9V – 30 VDC
Power consumption 1.4 W
Display LCD 60 x 34 mm 16 Spalten, 6 Zeilen
Bus transceiver LON/FTT10, LON/RS485, MW-Bus, Modbus RTU
Internal pressure sensor Differential pressure sensor 25 Pa, 125 Pa, 500 Pa
Analog Output 0 V / 10 V
Analog Input 0-10 V, 4-20 m
Digital Output 1 – Changeover contact 24 V / 2 A
Digital Output 2 – Changeover contact 24 V / 2 A
Digital Input 1 9 V – 30 VDC
Digital Input 2 9 V – 30 VDC
Dimensions DIN-modular case Type B according to DIN IEC 61 554: Dimensions of the housing W/H/D in mm: 96/96/51
Protection class IP 30
Operating temperature 0 °C / 50 °C

Suitable Products

FFU Compact (Grid size 1200x600 mm)
Filter Fan Unit COMPACT

Due to its low overall height the FFU COMPACT is particularly suited für cleanrooms with low plenums.


FFU CWIC (Grid size 1200×600 mm)
Filter Fan Unit CWIC©

The CWIC® System is a versatile system: Individual Filter Fan Units (CWIC® modules) can be connected to form different size cleanroom ceilings.

FFU ECO2 (Grid size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit ECO2

Perfect compromise between sound power level and price. 

FFU IRC (Grid size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit IRC

Local recirculation cooling device for cleanroom areas with significant room heights.

FFU LIGHT (Grid size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit LIGHT

Reasonably priced FFU for the use in turbulent cleanroom areas with low requirements regarding noise level.

FFU PIFF (Grid size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit PIFF

The Plenum Integrated Filter Fan PIFF is a local FFU with intergrated Fan, H14-Filter, cooling coil and return air.

PIFF-COMPACT module without air grill and installation frame, incl. make-up/exhaust air connection (optional) (Grid size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit PIFF COMPACT

The PIFF-COMPACT is a Plenum Integrated Filter Fan with a smaller height. 

FFU RA (Component size 1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit RETURN AIR

Reduced returnair volume through conventional return-air areas and cooler of the cleanroom.

FFU SILENT (Grid size1200x1200 mm)
Filter Fan Unit SILENT

For the use in laminar cleanroom areas with high requirements regarding sound pressure level.