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Curtain System above packaging line
Curtain System
Curtain System

Curtains are used to delineate cleanroom areas, e.g. machine enclosures, delineate a laminar flow cabin, separate two airflow areas, delineate a transport system in a packaging line with filtered air. Curtains are a particularly cost-effective alternative to wall systems as a way of separating cleanroom zones.

The new curtain attachment system is a prime example of this advantage. As installation is simple and rapid, costs are also cut. The curtains are made of antistatic PVC, highly transparent, available as slatted or closed curtains, in different widths and heights. Special curtains are available for ATEX applications.

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Technical Data

Performance Parameters
Typ Value
Curtain Rail (Width x Height) 29 mm x 60 mm
Curtain Rail (Max. single bar length L) 5,600 mm
Weight (curtain rail) 686 g/m
Weight (cover strip) 362 g/m
Curtain rail / cover strip material Aluminium
Curtain rail / cover strip surface (standard) anodized E6 / EV1
Material (Standard) Panel or strip curtain PVC transparent
Material thickness 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 mm

Constructive Design

The system consists of curtain rails and panel or strip curtain. The curtain rails are made of extruded aluminum profiles. The surface of the curtain rail and the cover strip are anodized (E6 / EV1). After the curtain is installed, the cover strip and a covering-cap are attached to the curtain rail. The system is visually and functionally suitable for cleanroom use. The curtain rail has anchor points every 200 mm to simplify installation (e. g. to the cleanroom ceiling). Slide blocks align the curtain rails for a flush installation.
The retaining spring attaches the curtain rail tab to the cover strip. In configurations 2) 1 and 3 a curtain clamp is required for curtains that are heavy due to their length and / or thickness. In configuration 2 the retaining clip is clamped into the tab to hold strip curtains. Inner corner- , outer corner pieces as well as T-connection adapters can be used to build corners and intersections as required.

Components of the curtain system

  • The flow-promoting basic element has a receptacle for the holding spring and the curtain clamp, and a groove for the cover strip.
  • Outer and inner corner pieces help to create curtains of any shape and size.
  • After the curtain has been attached, the cover strip and the cap finish the curtain system. The system is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The holding spring locks the cover strip.
  • The link plate insures perfectly flush mounting of every component.
  • The optional curtain clamp ensures that long or heavy curtains are also attached securely.
  • The curtain system is made of extruded aluminum profile sections.
  • The component surfaces are anodized E6/EV1 as standard.
  • The curtain strip has holes every 200 mm (dia. 5.5 mm) to make attachment easier.
  • The curtains can be replaced rapidly.