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Sprinkler Detail
Smoke extraction module


As supplement to the cleanroom, we offer wardrobe cabinets for cleanroom clothing, shelves, tables or benches. Depending on requirements, they can consist of powder-coated steel or stainless steel.

Air outlets

The filtered air is introduced into the cleanroom in accordance with the ventilation concept. For this purpose, there are air outlets for turbulent air or uniform, vertical air flow. For turbulent airflow areas, we offer outlet cassettes in the form of air outlet, gill plate or perforated plate diffusers. For laminar areas, we use laminators in the form of frames with polyester or stainless steel mesh, but also perforated sheets of aluminum, powder-coated steel or stainless steel. The design depends on the function and activity in the respective cleanroom area.


If sprinklers are required for fire protection, sprinkler pipes can be fixed in the intersections of the ceiling profile or installed in the ceiling cassettes. Depending on application, the sprinkler heads can be installed flush with the ceiling or led out, if permitted by the ceiling installations. We also have prefabricated sprinkler lines with flexible, stainless steel coated hoses, ready for connection.

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