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Batten Luminaire
Recessed luminaire
Teardrop Luminaire

Batten Luminaire 
Batten luminaires are open luminaires and are used in cleanrooms and large cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 7 and ISO 8. They are inexpensive and are located just below the ceiling. 
A robust damp location optic with linearprismatic acrylic-coverage provides a wide and homogeneous lighting. The light is populated with high-capacity and economical linear neon lamp. The luminaire consists of a powder-coated steel-sheet housing (similar to RAL 9016) with single wiring on phase L1. The coverage made of injection moulded polycarbonate and brings perfect break resistance.

The Batten Luminaire is designed for the application in electronic areas.

Recessed luminaire                                                                                                                                  

with prismatic acrylic pane is designed for the application in the electronic and pharmaceutical area. The luminaire consists of a plenum-sided sheet-steel housing with powder-coating and installed directly onto the ceiling profile. In pharmaceutical cleanrooms the acrylic pane is flush with the ceiling bottom edge to ensure a clean grouting. The replacement of the illuminant occurs from the plenum-side (roomside available) and the delivery includes the illuminant. Recessed luminaires are flush-mounted in the cleanroom ceiling. This application is particularly important in the pharmaceutical and food technology industries, where smooth surfaces are required. However, recessed luminaires are also advantageous in electronics, micromechanics and low spaces, especially when transport systems or other moving parts take up space under the ceiling.

  • LED53W_1206TE
  • LED84W_1206TE
  • LED-RR-EBL84W_Ro-150kg-walk
  • LED104Watt 1206er TE

The Teardrop Luminaire

is designed for the application in electronic areas. It consists of anodized aluminum-support profile with prismatic acrylic-satin-cover and is intended for single mounting, optional available with feed-through wiring. The delivery includes illuminant and mounting material. Teardrop luminaires are used especially in laminar flow areas and cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 1 to ISO 6. The luminaires are fitted with an aerodynamically shaped cover, have a smooth surface, and are energy efficient. Sie besteht aus einem eloxierten Aluminiumgehäuse mit Abdeckung aus satiniertem, prismatischem Acrylglas und ist zur Einzelmontage geeignet; auch mit Durchgangsverdrahtung erhältlich. Leuchtmittel und Montagematerial im Lieferumfang enthalten.

  • Grigio LED Gelblicht - LEMON
  • Grigio LED Gelblicht - YELLOW
  • Grigio LED Gelblicht Weißlicht
  • TDL LED 600-1500mm

LED Pharmalighting

Compact aluminum profile surface-mounted cleanroom luminaire with high-efficiency linear LED modules (DAU-dimmable) and frosted ESG cover, especially designed for (pharmaceutical) cleanroom applications, yellow/white light, average service life 50,000h, IP65

Lighting technology

  • Lower housing end with satinized single-pane safety glass, t=5mm
  • Efficiency-optimized gear tray reflector
  • Efficient, purely direct light distribution (120°)
  • Equipped with reversible special LED linear modules; switchable yellow/white light

Casing technology

Casing consists of extruded aluminum profile, aluminum laser-form head pieces with internal surface seal and surface-integrated screw connection, mounting module made of electrolytically galvanized and powder-coated sheet steel.

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